Telco Accessories


Sales Representation, Business Operations Consulting


2021 - Present

Brand Representation

Sales Representation for Netherlands-based CE Brand

Telco Accessories needed to find a partner to help them understand, to help them smartly enter the US market, and to help them launch their flagship brand Xtorm.

How we helped Telco Accessories

Telco Accessories is the parent company of a variety of growing brands in the Consumer Electronics accessory category with a large presence in the EU and neighboring regions. The team began exploring the possibility of expansion into the US market and brought us onboard to assist with guidance and local representation.

Our team presented go-to-market strategies based on distribution channels and also provided information on the steps and requirements it would take to go direct to retail. When distribution was the selected method we led the way in securing meetings with several large distribution partners in the US and managed conversations and negotiations until an agreement was made.

With that step out the way, we needed to secure warehousing space, third-party labor, and freight forwarding services to assist in strengthening the logistical chain. Again, we led the way in researching and selecting potential partners for our client. 

Along the way we spent a significant amount of time assisting the international teams to procure the correct documentation, certification and regulatory approvals to begin selling in the US. We assisted in vendor setup and product SKU setup readying the product for dotcom and in-store placements.