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2023 - present

Brand Representation

Lov Retail Boosts Zenova into U.S. Retail

In the dynamic landscape of retail, establishing a brand's presence and achieving success requires strategic insights, industry knowledge, and a reliable partner. This case study sheds light on the transformative collaboration between Lov Retail and Zenova, showcasing how Lov Retail played a pivotal role in guiding Zenova and their innovative FX500 fire extinguisher into the highly competitive retail market.

Unlocking Success in Retail: A Case Study of Lov Retail's Partnership with Zenova

Zenova, an innovative manufacturer of fire safety and fire suppression solutions, sought to expand its footprint in the US retail market. Recognizing the need for a seasoned partner, Zenova joined forces with Lov Retail to navigate the complexities of retail channels and maximize their potential in major outlets such as Amazon US, Sam's Club, Walmart, Office Depot and more.

The Omnis Zenova team at Disaster Expo with the Zenova FX500 Fire Extinguisher
The Omnis Zenova Team On-site at Disaster Expo 2023


Entering the retail space posed significant challenges for Zenova, ranging from certification processes to optimizing their Amazon listings and addressing gaps in the distribution supply chain. Lov Retail embraced these challenges as opportunities to demonstrate our expertise and commitment to Zenova's success.


Over the course of the first year of partnership, Lov Retail went above and beyond the typical scope of services. Our comprehensive approach included:

  1. Certification Process Facilitation: Lov Retail guided Zenova through the intricate certification processes, ensuring WERCs compliance and overall readiness for the retail market.
  2. Amazon Listing Optimization: Leveraging our digital expertise, Lov Retail optimized Zenova's Amazon listings, enhancing visibility and driving online sales.
  3. Distribution Supply Chain Enhancement: Identifying and addressing gaps in the distribution supply chain, Lov Retail streamlined processes to ensure a seamless flow from production to retail shelves.
  4. Strategic Retail Placements: Securing prominent placements within major retail outlets like Sam's Club, Walmart, and Office Depot, Lov Retail strategically positioned Zenova for maximum exposure and sales.

Beyond Scope Initiatives

Lov Retail's commitment extended far beyond conventional services. Some notable instances include:

  1. Lifestyle Photography: Lov Retail provided captivating lifestyle photography, enhancing Zenova's brand image and marketing collateral.
  2. Trade Show Demo Videos: By capturing engaging video content of Zenova's live fire demos, Lov Retail empowered Zenova to showcase its products effectively.
  3. Third-Party Platform Recommendations: Recognizing the importance of customer reviews and influencer programs, Lov Retail recommended and implemented third-party platforms to amplify Zenova's brand presence.

Zenova fierfighter in protective gear demonstrating effectiveness of the FX500 Fire Extinguisher
Zenova FX500 Fire Extinguisher Live Diesel Fire Demonstration at Disaster Expo


The collaborative efforts between Lov Retail and Zenova have yielded remarkable results. Zenova not only successfully entered and navigated the US retail market but also experienced substantial growth in sales and brand recognition.

Our unwavering commitment, strategic guidance, and willingness to go beyond the expected scope of services have established us as an invaluable partner in Zenova's retail journey. For us, the partnership with Zenova highlights the power of a collaborative and dedicated approach in achieving success in the competitive retail landscape.

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