US-Based Brand Representation, Sales and Marketing Strategy, US-based Trade Show Support


2021 - 2022

Brand Representation

China-based CE Brand Representation for US Offline Retail

The business development team at Moft reached out to us in the summer of 2021 seeking an agency partner to assist them in growing sales in the offline retail channel. The team at Lov Retail helped Moft to overcome many hurdles to start and successfully grow their US retail and dotcom presence.

How we helped Moft

When Moft approached us we were blown away by the innovation displayed in their products. They were able to seamlessy pair innovation with simplicity and design across their product line of CE accessories for smartphones and computers. After our initial discovery meetings with the team at Moft we were able to quickly gather input from our retail partners to determine if and how successful Moft could be in the US retail channel.

We took that feedback to the Moft team and began building bridges to handle the logistics needed to start a successful rollout in the US. Over the course of a few months, our team was able to help broker vendor agreements with distribution partners and lock in contracts with major national and regional retailers in the US.

We played a huge role in helping the Moft team understand and navigate the SKU setup process and helped them to rollout that branded content seamlessly to all retail partners. We assisted in training and providing the Moft team with an understanding on regulatory requirements, documentation, forecasting and how to manage channel pricing across retail and

"Lov Retail has helped us successfully negotiate with US Distributors and many big retailers like Best Buy and Walmart." - Lisa Wu, Moft

The Impact from Lov Retail

In just a few short months, with our help, the Moft team was able to build their foundation in US retail with placement on,,,, and in brick-and-mortar in-store placements at Micro Center, Abt Electronics.

Moft snap on stand as seen in the Abt Electronics iPhone Accessory display wall
Moft in-store placement in the iPhone Accessory display at Abt Electronics

Moft product assortment at Micro Center
Moft in-store assortment at Micro Center