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Our team of retail consulting experts will provide the knowledge and connections you need to get your product noticed and assorted by major US retailers including Target, Best Buy, Walmart and others.
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Our team of retail consulting experts will provide the knowledge and connections you need to get your product noticed at retailers including Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and beyond. By crafting a go-to-market strategy that builds and establishes your presence in your category, your business can grow sales and attain more customers.

With our help, you can have success from the start as we assist with pricing strategy, packaging best practices, marketing materials and retail distribution logistics - all essential components for successful entry into mass market retail. With the Lov Retail team by your side, you'll have all the tools necessary for unprecedented growth.

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Get Placement At Major Retailers

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We provide sales and marketing strategies to help brands get placed and grow assortments with our retail and distribution partners online and in-store.

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We're experts at helping emerging brands overcome the many common and complex obstacles to unlock sales potential with the biggest retailers in the market.

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We've got over 20 years experience building relationships with distribution partners to grow brands at major retailers including Target, Walmart and beyond.

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"Let us show you how our knowledge and hustle can power up your success!"

Jim Lovrien | Lov Retail CEO

Retail Placement Wins

Unlock the power of US retail. See how we've helped brands forge pathways into major national retailers achieving amazing success.
Unravel complex logistics challenges with ease! Our team of experts provide tailored solutions across international shipping and US retail to meet all your needs.

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Have you ever held a revolutionary product in your hands, only to find it's not on store shelves? Chances are that key areas were overlooked before the launch: marketing and channel development. We know how hard it is for brands and manufacturers to get their products into major retailers.

To prevent any failed launches from happening again we're here with our retail experts offering comprehensive strategic consulting! Imagine you can experience success at first try - no chance of missed opportunities or forgotten chances! Let us show you how quick & smooth launching process should be done – because as they say "you never get second chance make a lasting impression".

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