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2020 - 2021

Brand Representation

Best Buy Offline Growth Strategy for Kensington

Kensington was looking to learn more about the ins and outs of growing sales at Best Buy. They already had products listed online and were interested to assess viability of gaining in store placement.

Kensington docking station overhead flat lay

How we helped Kensington

Working on a project basis, we met with the leader of the Kensington North America Marketing team to understand the current challenges facing Kensington. After a bit of discovery, we dove in  by performing a website and product content audit on and on

Our team utilized our network to reach out to buyer and distribution partners to understand how things were going from the partner perspective of working with Kensington. From there, we started working on a sales and marketing plan for 2021-2022 to put Kensington in the best and most informed position possible to capitalize on opportunities within the Best Buy ecosystem. Our plan was structured in a clean and easy to understand guidebook format to allow internal teams at Kensington to read and refer back as they progressed through the year.

Results from Lov Retail

The total project timeline from start to finish was four weeks. In the end, we delivered a comprehensive omnichannel guidebook to help Kensington build upon their dotcom success which included advertising and SEO recommendations, product listing and content fixes, as well as the important next steps to gain in-store placement and grow dotcom sales. 

"Working with the team at Lov Retail has quickly allowed us to have a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to grow our traditional retail sales in-store and online."  — Patrick Sullivan, Head of Marketing & eCommerce at Kensington