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How we helped launch ARROE at Best Buy

Read our case study about how we became partners with London-based technology startup ARROE and landed online and in-store placement at Best Buy for the world's first Smart Charging System.

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How London-based Technology Startup ARROE partnered with Lov Retail to Land at Best Buy

Written by Jai Lozan

Getting started with ARROE

We were approached by ARROE in Fall of 2020. They were looking for a partner to achieve their goal of being placed at Best Buy. The team at ARROE had an exceptional product to bring to market and wanted a partner with U.S contacts in the U.S. and and strong retail strategic and operational experience to realize their placement goals.

After researching the ARROE brand and their innovative technology, our team decided to jump on the opportunity. We met with the ARROE executive team and worked together to build out a three-pronged strategy geared toward;  introducing the brand to Best Buy, generating interest with key decision makers within Best Buy, and securing the first order.

Over the first 10 months Lov Retail was able to:

  • Facilitate ARROE brand introductions to Best Buy merchants
  • Secure ARROE’s invitation to pitch the Sr. Buying team for the Fall 2021 store reset
  • Work alongside ARROE’s marketing team build and deliver a stellar pitch
  • Forecast and prepare for a successful retail rollout
  • Co-create a 360-degree sales & marketing plan to secure the initial purchase order

“The team at Lov Retail is incredibly capable and focused on delivering results. Their retail experience and relationships working with top-tier partners has enabled success for us with large retailers in the US.”

— Ryan Hartley, Chief Revenue Officer at ARROE

ARROE Smart Charging System
The ARROE Smart Charging System as seen on Best Buy shelves at 125 select in-store locations

How’d we do it?

1. By introducing ARROE to the right people at Best Buy

  • Days after our onboarding kickoff we were able to meet with key decision makers at Best Buy to gauge their interest in the product
  • Initial conversations were positive with Best Buy merchants excited to see the product first hand

2. By outlining why Best Buy needs to champion this new technology in store

  • We knew that a huge winning factor was the quality of the ARROE Smart Charging System. We quickly worked with ARROE to build out their technology story
  • We secured intro meetings with the buying team and the technology team at Best Buy and pitched Best Buy’s potential to be the first retailer to offer smart charging technology

3. By securing orders for online/in-store placement within a 12-month timeframe

  • ARROE was accepted and ready to go online faster than anticipated, with the entire process taking just under 10 months
  • ARROE is already gearing up for the next phase with in-store placement planned for the upcoming October reset

“When ARROE reached out to us initially, we fell in love with the product. It’s truly unique and viable for the space, so we knew we were the ideal partner to achieve ARROE´s retail goals. We built Lov Retail for that reason and have been able to take them from an idea to placement at the largest CE retailer in the world.”

— Jim Lovrien, CEO of Lov Retail

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