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Our full-day immersive workshop is a deep-dive into everything your brand needs to get from selling online with Amazon or Shopify to getting your products onto the shelves at major retailers such as Target, Best Buy and Walmart.

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Every Success Begins with a first step

We speak with founders and entrepreneurs on a daily basis that need a push in the right direction when it comes to getting products on shelf.

Sometimes even medium-to-large companies have sales and c-suite stakeholders that don't know where to start as they try to pivot from DTC to Brick-and-Mortar retail.

Our system gets Brands Retail-ready

Challenges & Opportunities

We strive to understand goals and current state of your business to get a grasp on the internal and external challenges ahead

Setting Expectations

We get down to business and share in-depth details including financial realities and cost of doing business in the world of mass retail

Preparation & Execution

Success is defined by more than a checklist - we work with you to walk through what a setup might look like for your product line to ready you for excellence behind the scenes

Position Yourself for Success

It Starts with Understanding

The retail workshop will give you an immediate understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to grow traditional retail sales in-store and on retail e-commerce platforms.

Let's get Started

This workshop is for you

We'll walk you through several exercises specifically designed to get you thinking in new ways for solving current problems.

You'll end the day with a roadmap for the next four quarters to help drive your business toward retail success.

Send us an email and we'll get started working on a plan that works for you and your team.



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"Lov Retail has helped us successfully negotiate with US Distributors and many big retailers like Best Buy and Walmart."

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Lisa W.

Business Development, MOFT
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"The team at Lov Retail is incredibly capable and focused on delivering results. Their retail experience and relationships working with top-tier partners has enabled success for us with large retailers in the US."

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Ryan h.

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), ARROE
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"Working with the team at Lov Retail has quickly allowed us to have a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to grow our traditional retail sales in-store and online."

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Head of Marketing and eCommerce, Kensington


Fill out the contact form and to take your first step on your journey to retail placement


Start with a first step

Ideal for entrepreneurs that have a product and a vision but need guidance to scale


Move to the next level fast

Ideal for teams and startups that have had success with D2C, Amazon or Shopify

SWOT Analysis

Custom build out to diagnose the possibilities and the potential pitfalls ahead of your business.

Mock Product Setup

We'll take you step-by-step, cell-by-cell to answer the questions you have about product listings at major retailers.

Q1 thru Q4 Strategy

We'll work with you to define which retailers would be best to target, and provide timelines for when and why. Working backwards we will work together to build checkpoints to keep you on track to hit your goals.

30-days Email Support

We're available to answer follow-up questions and consult with you at no additional charge for 1-month after the workshop.

Insider Access to Reports

We've partnered with Edgewater Research to provide our partners monthly insights for the biggest retailers in the US.

*All sessions feature a dedicated time block for Q&A to answer all your retail-related questions