Consulting, Sales and Marketing Strategy




Growth Strategy for the Best Buy Channel | Kensington

Develop a sales and marketing playbook easily executable for Kensington internal teams to follow.


Kensington was looking to learn more about the ins and outs of growing sales at Best Buy. They already had products listed online and were interested to assess viability of gaining in store placement. Working on a project basis, we met to understand the current challenges and opportunities facing Kensington and started working on a sales and marketing strategy for 2021 that their internal teams could take and run with.

"Working with the team at Lov Retail has quickly allowed us to have a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to grow our traditional retail sales in-store and online."  — Patrick S., Head of Marketing & eCommerce at Kensington


The total project time from start to finish was completed in under 1-month with a single final deliverable of a 2021 Comprehensive Omnichannel Success Strategy for Best Buy.