The Ultimate Backup Solution for Home and Adventure

Solar energy is one of the most popular technologies in the US. Here’s why portable solar power stations and generators are so popular in the country.

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Why Do People Prefer Solar Energy Systems?

The emergence of solar technology has taken the energy industry, not just in the US but the entire world by storm. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the solar industry in the US has witnessed a remarkable growth of 42% in the last decade.

Thanks to revolutionary developments in the solar storage industry, solar energy is no longer restricted to your homes and commercial buildings. The invention of portable solar energy systems such as portable solar power stations and generators means that you can now enjoy the benefits of solar energy on-the-go. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more!

They Are Great for Power Outages

Combine solar with battery and you get a source of reliable and consistent energy even after sundown. Using reputable, high-quality portable solar power stations such as Zendure Superbase Pro, Goal Zero Yeti, Jackery Solar Generator, and Ecoflow Delta Pro can offer you the perfect energy backup supply to keep your home powered through power outages and blackouts. These systems will offer noiseless, odorless, and consistent energy, enough to power all your essential items.

They Offer Grid Independence

Using residential solar panels or solar generators can grant a homeowner independence from their local utility and grid-supplied energy.This means you’ll be self-sustaining of your energy needs which translates to immunity from inflated electric bills or annual increments in your per unit cost of electricity.

Can Power Your Off-Grid Adventures

Portable solar power stations make for the ultimate energy backup to power your off-grid adventures such as camping or driving through the country in your RV.

Thanks to the top-notch portable solar power stations and solar generators offered by Zendure, Goal Zero, and Ecoflow, you never have to worry about buying or carrying gas. The incredible range of portable solar generators and power stations offered by these brands can grant you clean and convenient power anywhere, given that the sun is shining. (If not, you can always plug them in to traditional AC to charge them up!) These portable solar energy systems will outlast and outperform your gas generators every time!

Zendure Superbase Pro with Solar Setup
Pictured: Zendure Superbase Pro with Optional Solar Panel System

Solar Systems Can Appreciate the Value of Your Home

Research shows that having your home outfitted with a proper solar energy system can appreciate the market value of your property by as much as 4.1%. A proper system, however, means that your residential solar system should have a battery for storing the generated solar energy so that you can use it to power your home after dark.

Excellent for Remote Applications and Jobs

Since portable solar power stations do not require anything but sunlight to produce energy, they are ideal for powering tools and devices in remote locations where even gasoline isn’t available. The best part is that the portability of solar generators and solar batteries allows you to haul them off anywhere you need them to be, unlike traditional gas-powered generators.

Benefits of Solar Energy Systems and Solar Batteries

Here are some of the main advantages that make solar energy systems and solar batteries so popular among consumers:

• Solar panels are long-lasting and can last 25 years or more

• Relatively lightweight and portable compared to any other energy source

• Noiseless and emission-free energy

• Require very little maintenance

• Offer flexibility in terms of capacity, features, and pricing

• Can provide you energy in almost any setting, provided the sun is shining

• Great for the environment

• Can offer both DC and AC outputs

Final Thoughts

Solar energy systems and solar batteries are an ideal energy backup solution that can come in handy in a variety of situations such as power outages or off-grid adventures. The ability of these devices to generate energy practically anywhere coupled with their longevity and portability makes them the perfect alternative to noisy, smelly, and bulky gas generators.

Although investing in solar generators and residential solar systems with a battery can be a financially demanding purchase, it is worth knowing that the savings these systems will earn you on maintenance, powerbills, gas, and various other areas will allow you to recover the cost of the system in just a few years. To us, this makes investing in these systems worth it.