How do you take an e-commerce brand and get them on shelf at major retail?


Getting to the retail shelf is a dream for many brands. What does it take to go from an idea to a product on the shelf? Or from a successful e-commerce brand or product to being widely assorted in stores across the US? Believe it or not, there is a process, but there’s been no step-by-step guide until now. The founders of Lov Retail have grown assortments with established Fortune 500 brands, and taken e-commerce darlings from online all the way through securing assortment bids valued at upwards of five million dollars from major US retailers.

It takes a lot of hard work, persistence, tenacity and a little bit of luck, but we’ve cracked the code to putting brands on the pathway to retail success. Once you’ve had a successful meeting with the buyers, there will be significant back and forth discussions around things like pricing, dotcom or in-store initial placement, initial quantities, forecast sales, promotional planning, how to deal with Amazon/retail channel conflict, price matching and more. However, thanks to your preparation, you will have already aligned internally; you’ll have answers, a strong strategy and be prepared to execute on it.

Establish core principles

From the beginning, it’s essential that all key stakeholders are aligned on the same vision, mission and purpose driving your retail ambitions.

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Sales strategy is one of the most important elements for internal alignment, and determining the lead for this effort is critical. This person will create the strategy and be the critical cog in making and maintaining connections with retailers. Will this person be in the US or abroad? There are pros and cons to both methods, but in our experience, the best method is to have a leader and main point of contact in the US, preferably close to one of the main retail hubs.


The next step is using this information to gain internal alignment with stakeholders and begin building a level of trust within the organization that A) retail is valuable and growing, and B) that you have the right team or you're guiding the brand in the right direction. You’ll need to earn the trust of the leadership team and the workforce that will help to make the dream a reality. Without that, you’ll encounter an endless supply of roadblocks delaying progress or completely derailing the placement efforts indefinitely.